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Don't Let The Cost Of Erectile Dysfunction Keep You Down

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to Viagra or Cialis for E.D. treatment? Sildenafil is here! Sildenafil implements the same active ingredient as Viagra and is available in 20mg tablets. In addition, Sildenafil is much cheaper - saving you up to $40 per dose versus Viagra. Why pay $60 for Viagra when Sildenafil is $10?

As a locally-owned and independent pharmacy, we want to help you by offering this low-cost solution. Contact us to learn more information about how Sildenafil can keep money in your wallet and keep E.D. at bay.

  • Viagra is available in 25mg , 50mg and 100mg tablets

  • Sildenafil is available in 20mg tablets

  • 1 to 5 tablets equals the dose needed for E.D.

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